So uhm I'm a big dork that has extreme emotional attachment to a lot of fictional people. I will most likely post art if I have something I want to share. You will more than likely see a lot of mutated ninja turtles on here, but I do post other fandoms.

I am open to art requests if you have anything in mind UvU
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The true meaning of pansexuality.


the music in How It’s Made is always outstanding but it’s not usually SO ADORABLE, PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS ADORABLE BACKGROUND MUSIC



whenever i see friends make new ocs i just



if you guys think this about any of my characters let me know and I’ll do a art of them smoochin and stuff

I would like to take the time to thank Irene again for this screenshot of Fay

smooth school first so you can smooth those pretty and talented ladies

well I mea n school starts at 8:00 and I gotta be there at like 7:30 s o

yeah smooth school be sure to be there

oka y but like actual school iren e

you’re welcome first lesson starts tomorrow 6am make sure to be there

oka y but I’ve got school tomorrow at 6 am

it’s okay! you’re young! you still have time to learn UvU

my goal this year is to get all the girls and make all the boys jealous